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Volcanoes and lakes

The weather was a lot better today--sunny but still very windy--so we went for a long walk and explored the town. We've marked several restaurants and cafes down for future meals out, and there's a cinema so I'll finally get to see The Queen andHot Fuzz.

In other news, late yesterday the top 10% of Ruapehu's crater lake burst out and the resultant lahar rushed down the mountain and the Wangaehu River and out to sea. The early warning systems worked and there were no lives lost, unlike the disastrous occasion in 1953 when a lahar took out a railway bridge and a train full of people. The scenes on TV of the huge flood of water, mud, and rocks was very impressive though. BTW we can see those volcanoes in the distance at the other side of the lake--which is itself an enormous volcanic crater. :-P I'm trying not to think about that.

And Roger Walker so is a young Vila, what with considering his rescue from the lake too quick and getting Peggy to rescue him several times more, and finding a comfortable bit of ground to faint on when he twisted his ankle. Awww.

Oh and happy 75th birthday to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You carry your age (and all that traffic} very well.

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