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We're off to Taupo tomorrow but I don't feel as if my holiday's started yet because I'm tired out after doing as much as I could of the next two weeks' work.

I put the girls in the boarding cattery today after work too which always makes me sad. They're very good, sitting in their cage in the car without complaint, and as usual, Tessa leapt straight into the taut little hammock that she likes at the cattery. Vic will stay here at home and be fed by a neighbour because he got so stressed last time we tried to board him, he got ill. For a big thug the vet likened to Horse, the Footrot Flats cartoon cat, he's a wimp. He's also less likely to wander off looking for company than the girls, and it worked well last time.

I took some pics of them last night and this morning.

Tessa and Claudia on the couch last night when we were watching TV

Tessa and Claudia in their basket this morning. They've been sleeping in the laundry basket all summer but with the sudden big temperature drop this week, they've gone back to snuggling into their old sleeping bag (once mine)

...and with the laundry basket free, for the first time in months, Vic could claim his old favourite spot back. I bet he spends most of his time there while we're away.

I'll miss them so much for the first couple of days, and they're the best part of having to come home again.

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