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Ficlet: Dressing Gown

And here's the story I didn't get a chance to write and post to 3daychallenge last night because of the power outage. :-(

Dressing Gown

Vila believed in always being ready to leave at speed, even from bed, so he'd never seen the point of pyjamas, let alone a dressing gown. Why would anyone want a garment just for swanning about in before getting dressed, or un-. For posh Alphas that was, and people in old books like that Bertie Wooster.

But all the same, when he found the fuzzy tartan wraparound thing in the Liberator's clothes room, he took it, and alone in his cabin before bed, he'd put it on over his clothes and make himself comfortable with a book, some soft music, and a glass of something nice. The thought of Wooster even inspired him to sew on the Restal coat of arms he found on the Galacnet (crossed rakes with stars, very appropriate). Gave him a sense of belonging to history, that, even if the ancient Restal in question was some French fool knighted for following his king into battle. Come to think of it, maybe the bloke really was an ancestor.

It was only a bit of fun till Blake left, and Tarrant and Dayna came with their derision and contempt. Then Vila wore the dressing gown as consolation, wrapping it tight and pretending he was somewhere and somewhen else.

When the Liberator was lost, so was the dressing gown, and it was only when Vila found an old tartan rug on Xenon base very like the one he'd had as a kid back on earth in his mum's flat that he realised why he'd found it so comforting.

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