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Pasifika Festival 2007

Here at last is my Pasifika picspam.

The Pasifika Festival is held every year in the park at Western Springs, and celebrates the cultures of the different Pacific islands. It's apparently the biggest free community event in the world, and there were about 200,000 people there on Saturday. Some pictures from last year's one are here.

We caught a bus from Newmarket, outside the 277 mall, which I mention only because of the clothes I saw in the boutique by the bus stop.

Clothes that look just like the old Vogue patterns my mother had; eep! I can see Audrey Hepburn in the white tunic thing, but who would wear that tartan thing?

One of the many 'villages' in the park, Tuvalu.

One of the dance groups resting behind their tent.

We were surprised to find a large inflated plane, even bigger than the blow-up tin of corned beef which was there last year and back again this year (corned beef is very popular in the islands).

Greg joked that there was just a tail section as in Lost....

... but it did have a front: a flat face with an unnervingly unexpected expression. The plane was hollow and kids could climb up and slide down the tail section. Weirdness.

A huge pan of paella at the Tahiti village.

Tahitian dancer

There was an artist selling paintings and prints of big, beautiful island women which were a joy to see, and I bought two to hang in our bedroom. She's Valerie Beale and her website is here.

Valerie Beale with one of her smaller prints.

Sleeping woman, gorgeous and Gauginesqe

Sleeping woman; isn't she wonderful? The marks on her thighs aren't stockings, but tattoos; I had a Tongan friend at uni who had those, but much more extensive.

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