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My dead work PC is going to be collected by a new guy on the IT team on Monday; he will rebuild it and return it Tuesday, all going well. If that happens, I'll be happy. This guy, incidentally, has been described by a colleague who's seen him as "spunky" - in NZ and Australia, this means hot (used for males only) rather than risk taking. I therefore look forward to seeing him in more ways than one.

As for me, I'm off to the Pasifika Festival tomorrow. It's predicted to be as hot and sauna-like as today (and last year) so this time I'm taking a sunhat (mad Deltas and Englishmen...)

And this time next week, it will be my first night on holiday in Taupo (the town, not the lake). We'll be staying at a place called The Village, but I'm sure they'll let us leave. The lake BTW is the crater left behind by a massive volcanic eruption which gave the Romans brilliant sunsets for months. I shall try not to think too much about this.

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