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Other people's icons

Doing that icon meme yesterday reminded me of some excellent ones I've seen in my LJ travels. None of them are mine, so I can't offer them to anyone, sorry. Warning: most are animated, but they're there because I think the animation's really well done.

Escher, Che Groucho, a twisty maze, and Hello Cthulhu

Trying to give a damn. I've seen this one around a lot, but I still think it's clever.

Two grey cats I'd like to nick (they both remind me of Claudia) but my ethics prevent me. Maybe I'll draw her, or take a picture of the plate I painted her and Tessa on last year and iconise it.
OTOH I found these two separately and about six months apart, yet they seem to be by the same artist and of the same cat. Is it a well-known fictional character and therefore available for me to find and make my own icons of?

Planets! I found this one recently and I love it for being about astronomy (well, planetonomy) and having excellent timing.

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