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'Baby on board' signs

On the way home from work yesterday, I was behind a vehicle with one of those 'Baby on board' signs suckered onto the rear window. (It was a 4WD too, so that gave it two black marks in my book.) Those signs annoy me because of what they imply, to me anyway. However I have no idea why people really use them, and wondered what others thought, so here's a little poll.

[Edit] The first explanation is the most nearly correct according to the Snopes site. To quote them, "there's a child in the car, so drive carefully". Drivers should drive carefully regardless of who's in the other vehicles. What am I, chopped liver? Yes, potentially.

Poll #938980 'Baby on Board' signs

What do people who use 'Baby on board' signs mean by them?

Babies are so much more valuable than adults or older children, so drive carefully.
Sudden erratic driving extremely likely due to siren-level screaming and/or bio-hazardous niffs.
Like untold gazillions of life-forms, I have managed to breed. I'm so incredibly clever!
I don't actually have a baby in this car. I'm going to work, but I like pissing off other commuters.
Look, it's an excuse for the unwashed old banger I drive.

BTW one of my favourite Farside cartoons shows a fly driving a car with a 'Maggot on board' sign in its rear window. What sign should Vilakins put in her Liberator (all right, her Integra with the number plate LIBR8R)?

Geek on board
Delta on board
Adult on board - go on, you can play dodgems with me
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