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Icon meme

Since it's the weekend, I'll catch up and do the icon meme everyone else did days ago. Look, I've been busy.

1. Default

2. Oldest
On the user pic page, this one:

but this one is a newer version of the first one I made and was my default up till recently:

3. Newest
It's yet another pun--sorry, Cally.

4. Saddest
Probably this one by sallymn

Or this one, now I remember I have it:

5. Happiest
This one by snowgrouse

6. Angriest

7. Cutest
Toss-up between Hello Vila by snowgrouse

and the tiger cub I fed and played with a couple of years ago: a plushie playing with a plushie:

8. Sexiest
Hard one because I have so many Vila icons ;-) but I'll pick Liiiightfinger!

9. Most humorous
I use a lot of puns, but they seem to have a bad rep. This one?

10. Favourite 'ship

Oh, there's an apostrophe? Well, the only shippy one I have is this one:

11. Favourite fandom
B7 of course!

If you mean favourite fandom icon, I can't pick.

12. Favourite animated
Hard to say, but here's the first one I made.

And hey, I was wrong. I have two 'shippy ones.

13. Favourite quote
I only have three, and I'm hopeless at picking.

Eh, maybe the last one, which is by tkurogrym.

14. Favourite textless
Ah, now this might be easier, as I hardly have any without text... I'll go for the tabby cat who looks just like one I had as a kid.

15. Most used other than default
No idea. Is there a way to find out?

16. Favourite I've made
I don't know. Look, it's easy to pick from a few, but from 90?

17. Favourite of someone else's
This is hard too, but I'll pick this one by snowgrouse

18. Favourite of the moment
Because it is...

19. Favourite overall
See answer to 16, but change 90 to 113.

20. How many icons do you have total?

21. How many can you have?

22. If you could buy more space, would you?
No. That's already a long list to scroll through and some are sadly neglected as it is.

23. Do your icons make a statement about you?
Um, that I like Blake's 7 in general and Vila in particular.

24. What fandom do you have the most icons of?
Blake's 7. Did you guess?

25. How do you categorise your icons?
Eh? Well, they have to have keywords, and I suppose the ones that aren't Vila start with the character name.

26. Are your icons mostly made by other users?

27. Do you make icons?

28. Are they any good?
[shrug] I've even seen a couple being used by someone else, but I'm not one of the experts.

29. Animated icons are...
Fun if done properly, and sometimes it's the only way to say what you want to. As long as they're not a danger to epileptics; I've seen some nasty examples on various comms that I have to scroll off the screen because they make my eyes hurt.

30. In general I think icons are...
a fun way to express something about you or your interests in a compact and often very beautiful form.

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