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Earthquake and Elote

Eep. I think that was an earthquake. I fear earthquakes. Geonet are saying the latest quake was just off Auckland, but about half an hour ago. This has to be part of that. OK, the earthquake's shown up on the seismic drums if not the latest page. It was quite a big one; three different locations saw it. (Note that page only shows the last four hours, so this data will slip off it.)

Ooookay. It's shown up on the latest page. 4.5 Richter and right where the smaller one 30 minutes before that was. [is worried]

In better news, and in an attempt to distract myself by telling you about it, I made elote for dinner tonight. This is a Mexican snack food I ate at the local cafe a Mexican family run, and I liked it so much, I tried to reproduce it. It was pretty good.

Take a corn cob per person. Remove outer husk and steam or bake (I baked ours). Cover with a thin layer of cream cheese, then roll in finely-grated parmesan cheese and chilli. I used Perfect Italiano parmesan and I have dried chillis in a pepper grinder which I ground into the cheese. Yum! Success!
I suppose I should at least get a laugh from the fact that my first thought was that the washing machine's load was seriously unbalanced.
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