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Fat Tuesday

OK, that was quite a good day.

  • I went to a pancake feast with some friends from work and ate four of them (pancakes, I mean) with lemon and cinnamon sugar. [hangs head]

  • Then I went straight on to my Tai Chi class, and though I didn't think being full of pancakes and coffee was particularly conducive to good form, I was fine. It was too hot so we had the class outside on the grass which was really nice.

  • And then I came home to watch us... beat Australia again! [jaw drops] That make three out of three games, and each one ending with a boundary (a four tonight). I am both stunned and delighted.
And now I'm off to bed. It's sticky and hot but I have installed a new fan, bought on the way home, which shouldn't rattle and annoy me when I'm trying to go to sleep, and the thing looks powerful enough to create a decent chill factor.
Tags: cricket, nz, real life
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