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Five fanfic clichés

From fannish5: Name five fanfic clichés you secretly (or not-so-secretly) like.

Five fanfic clichés

  1. Most of them survived the shootout on Gauda Prime. They did. I generally consider Blake dead though because Gareth Thomas demanded it as part of his contract, so he's the only one that would not have been brought back in the hoped-for fifth season. I admit to killing Dayna off regularly too because having the whole crew survive is a bit much, and she looks so dead when she falls.

  2. Vila fell wrongly. Well, he did; the impact should have thrown him forwards. When he's on the floor, he's lying unnaturally straight with his arms by his sides and his hands lifted from the floor, so he's playing possum and not that well. I usually do give him some sort of injury for added realism, but still, he's alive at the end and he survives. No really, he does.

  3. Gan is a gentle giant. I know there are people (two of whom wrote a book) who believe him to be a woman-hating psychopath, but:
    - he's kind to others and psychopaths aren't; they don't think of others as people
    - he's protective of Vila, and psychos like to prey on the weak
    - he serves hot cocoa on the flight deck

  4. Vila is a vegetarian. I know he could have been joking, but I really like the idea and it fits his character; I can imagine the thought of eating dead animals really repelling him. I'm amused that my Vila's liking for cheesy toast seems to be catching on.

  5. Dev and Tel Tarrant are related. With only one letter's difference, how could they not be? I watched B7 reruns back in 2001, 6 eps a week, and was so certain that Del Tarrant was a Federation plant, I built up quite a lot of evidence pointing that way. All right, the edifice toppled eventually, but it's not going to waste; it's being trotted out in my WIP (the big PGP AKA Lynx). In that, and in my fanon in general, Dev happens to be Del's unlikeable uncle, and the whole family have names started with De.
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