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Tabbies, the cat Deltas

Meme from snowgrouse:

If you were an animal, based on your personality, what would it be?
What animal would you strive towards, want to be.

I'd be an ordinary (if there is such a thing) tabby cat. Tabbies are overlooked by many but have their own subtle beauty for those who love cats. Like cats, I enjoy my food, my comfort, and some playful fun; and if threatened, I'd run up a tree or, if cornered, fight bravely. This fits me well: I'm happy in a comfy and aesthetically pleasing place with someone who loves me but allows me my independence to go off and be a cat that walks alone when I need to.

What would I strive to be? Probably not a tiger or a lion; they play too rough [/Elvis], they either have to hunt their food down, or they're captive. Probably just a better cat. :-)

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