Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: The Brave Little Toolbox

For lat week's b7friday little red toolbox challenge, 200 words set in season 1 (where we last see it).

The Brave Little Toolbox

The trooper fired and the blast threw Vila off his feet. He lay there, stunned, then whimpered as his exploring fingers felt wetness spreading over his tunic. "Teleport!"

"I'm dying!" he said as he materialised on the floor of the teleport bay.

"As are we all from the day we are born," said Avon, bending over him (and for a moment looking almost concerned, but surely not). "Unless of course your blood foams."

"Eh? Oh!" Vila sat up. "They got my toolbox," he said mournfully.

"It appears to have saved your life. A pity; it was a useful piece of equipment."

"More to the point," Blake said, "what were you doing carrying beer in it?"

"Well, it's insulated, and a bloke sometimes needs a cold one in a hot spot."

"Vila, if that was my real ale--"

But Vila wasn't listening. "I don't think I can repair it."

"There are other boxes you can use."

Yeah, thought Vila, but he'd named this one. Larry had been accommodating, a good listener, a comrade in arms, a drinking buddy, and a valued companion for a thief. He was a friend and had given his all. "But it won’t be the same."

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