Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Hard Done By

I'm a bit behind cross-posting my b7friday stories. This one was for the crime and punishment challenge; 250 words set in season 1 or 2.

Hard Done By

"The accused has been found guilty on all charges," the Arbiter said.

The accused's lawyer swallowed nervously. "I did my best."

"Course you did," said the accused serenely.

"The judgment computer has taken into account your past record during sentencing, You are to be taken from here and transported to the penal colony on Exiton 3, where you will remain for a period of ten years."

Fat chance, the accused thought. Exiton was a doddle. He'd be picked up by the faithful if thick Sherm in a few months, and by then he'd have a new team of hard bastards ready to leave with him. He stood up.

His lawyer, misinterpreting this action, flinched and stepped back. "There was just too much evidence against you."

Bayban reached out and patted his cheek, then pinched it playfully. "Only doing your job."

The lawyer swayed with relief. Bayban the Beserker hadn't earned his nickname lightly.

"Come on," Bayban said to the guards, rubbing his hands with glee. "Let's go." He followed them eagerly, looking up at the electronic board outside. It had already been updated by the judgement computer, and Bayban's name had moved gratifyingly up the Federation Public Enemy list.

But not far enough.

He was only second. Still behind that political amateur, Blake. "Oi!" He tried to pull free of the guards. "I want a few more crimes taken into account!"

"Too late."

It wasn't fair. What was the point of doing the crime if you didn't get the recognition?

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