Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Birthday ficlet: Bomber

A little birthday story for kalypso_v. Word count: a century and a quarter.


"My aide tells me that you were once a cricketer. A rather well-known one."

"Aye, Commander."

"Supreme commander." Servalan checked the dossier on her screen. "I have never seen the point of sports games, especially one that can last for days, and I have no idea what a fast bowler is. Tell me, what made you resign from the Terran interplanetary side and take up your present profession?"

"Ah." Jarriere placed a thoughtful finger against his nose. "I was known as 'Bomber' for demolishing the opposition's defence, ye see, and it used tae occur to me what fun the real thing would be. I have tae say, it's been much more satisfying."

Love then, not conviction; he would ask no questions. "Very well. You're hired."

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