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Day out

Now that was a much better day.

I had breakfast and a Greg-made cappuccino (a weekend treat), had my hair cut--at the time I was booked for (stupid people; my hairdresser said to "speak to the boss: her"), had a Turkish lunch with Greg, booked into a jewellery-making class in March, went for a walk in Cornwall Park, went to the circus, went for another walk in the park (we'd parked our car there), bought blackened fish and kumara chips for dinner, and watched the end of The Beiderbecke Affair.

The circus was Cirque du Soleil's Varekai and was wonderful. We had front-row seats round the side, and this wasn't the best choice: I got a crick in my neck from looking up at the aerialistes, and one act was best viewed from the front. But OTOH I had a great view of the amazing costumes and make-up, and their faces as they worked. The character the story revolved around was Icarus, which was strange after the Icarian imagery in the LJArchive plug-in I mentioned here.

[Edit] Oh yes, and there was a hairless pink female character with tendrils I immediately decided was a Gratuitous Space Lesbian. :-)

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