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Ficlet: Revolution!

This was written for the b7friday meta challenge a few weeks ago: 500 words set in late season 1, probably.


"I've been looking at the vidguide, There's a series that's very popular on Lindor," Vila said. "It's called Revolution! With an exclamation mark."

Avon looked up from his latest gadget. "That alone is a concern."

"But I've got drinks and snacks!"

"If that is supposed to convince me to--"

"Oh come on, don't be such a snob, Avon." Jenna went to sit beside Vila on the couch. "It sounds like fun."

"I agree," said Blake, joining her. "We could do with some relaxation and I rather like the title."

"Yeah, give me a beer, Vila." Gan knocked it back and belched softly. "And those onion rings, mate. I wouldn't mind a bit of mindless entertainment."

Cally, having experienced the effect of this particular combination on Gan before, sat at the other end of the couch.

Blake leaned back. "Put it up on the big screen, Zen."


Avon sighed and gave in.


They were silent as the closing credits rolled.

Blake stretched his arms. "That big rebel chap in charge of them. La Bek, is a bit simplified. His cause is everything, and would he really risk his friends' lives for it? He's too one-dimensional, and where's his sense of humour?"

"I wouldn't worry," said Avon. "They made the technical fellow Tems the standard nerd: big nose and teeth, bad dress sense, and a near clinical case of Asperger's. I also find it unlikely that he would be allergic to almost every substance but leather and gourmet food. And where did they get all that ice cream?"

"Oh, I dunno," said Vila. "I think they got the schnoz right. There's one on board just like that, with you attached to it." He saw the look on Avon's face, and went on quickly. "Anyway, I object to the thief. That little bloke Aston's a klepto, not a self-respecting professional. I'd never rob me mates blind like he does--wouldn't live long, would I?--and I'd never get that drunk. You need steady hands in this lark."

"And their pilot, Janis!" Jenna screwed up her nose and her empty twisties packet. "She wouldn't be able to see her controls under her superstructure, and her outfit was so impractical. All those floating wisps to catch in equipment and those shoes!" Several pairs of eyes swung to her high-heeled boots. "What? Mine have steel caps; those things were soft snakeskin!"

"At least she wasn't fey and possessed by every passing mind like Lalka," said Cally. "That's an unfounded misconception about telepaths. Some of us are trained in unarmed combat and sniping and wouldn't settle for being the ship's nurse." She bit savagely into a canapé.

"I don't know what that big bloke Boris was there for," Gan said. "Seemed a bit supernumerary. I wonder if his mum knitted that hat."

Blake nodded. "It was also rather contrived that their matter transporter or their batteries always failed whenever they needed them."

There was a thoughtful silence.

"Same time next week?" Vila asked.

Everyone nodded.
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