Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Cool stuff

I just listened to half of the Doctor Who: Colditz audio before dozing off for an involuntary afternoon nap. Not just Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, but David Tennant (!) doing a pretty good German accent as Feldwebel Kurtz. Hee!

Our new fridge is here. It has some cool (ha!) features like separate humidity settings for the fruit and vege compartments (all right, our old one was 14 years old) and it has a Sabbath setting! When that's turned on, the light and door alarms won't work and opening the door won't affect the compressor or fans. It's nice to know that appliances can have a day off. Good old Fisher & Paykel; we always buy their white ware, and their head office was one of the best places I ever worked for too. Their DishDrawer sells extremely well to orthodox households as far away as the US because you get two dishwasher drawers: one for fleishig and one for milchig. Students and lazy buggers of my acquaintance like it too because they just move their dishes from one to the other.

Tags: cool stuff, doctor who
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