Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Revenge of the Domestic Appliances

I think appliances pick the worst time to break down, just to pay us back for taking them for granted. Mostly during the Christmas holiday when the country stops for three weeks because it's also summer.

My mother's oven broke down then so she had to use an electric frypan for meals. Our hot-water ripple meter failed the day before Greg's mother came to stay for a week, but a tech came out and fixed it in time. Then another Christmas holiday, our washing machine almost blew up, billowing smoke during its spin cycle, so we had to go out and buy a new one.

This year it's the fridge. I suspected it when the tiramisu ice cream was soft, but thought it might be the alcohol content. However the Yorkshire puds I put in the freezer are soft too, so we put a digital thermometer in and found it's only -4C instead of the -18C it's meant to be. Oh, joy. It's 14 years old though, so we just went out and bought a new fridge which is coming tomorrow. We'd better eat the rest of the ice cream today before it gets any warmer.

We also spent some Whitcoulls vouchers on DVDs (My Name is Earl and a boxed set of seven Asterix films) and bought a new dust-buster that does wet and dry, and had a very nice fish teriyaki for lunch, so it could be worse. Pity whiteware wasn't included in the 20-30% off sale though.

Oh yes, and we got a calendar of 30s - 50s 'monster movie' posters from MoMA which is very cool. I'll scan them in and post them; they're classics.

Tags: dvds, real life
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