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Christmas tree, B7ness, and geeky gifts

As I bought a new charger for my camera this week (the old one will probably therefore turn up) I can subject you to picspam.

Christmas tree!

The Liberator in stationary orbit by a glass gas giant. There are six other spaceships on the tree from Red Dwarf and Babylon 5. :-P

Prezzies under the tree. Wrapped in spaceship paper is the Artoo Potatoo, in the binary paper is a Bender robot, and in the small package, an ethernet crossover adapter and loopback jack.

The baby wrap behind them conceals a bright yellow plush racing car for 3-year-old nephew Ari; it goes vroom-vroom and beeps when squeezed. It's so cute; it has a plush spoiler and vinyl tyres.

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