Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Beware of geeks bearing gifts

The ThinkGeek things I ordered on Monday arrived yesterday which I consider impressive service from them and UPS. Compare that to the stationery orders I put in at work this week which are supposed to arrive the next day. Monday's order has been lost by NZ Couriers and Wednesday's hadn't arrived on Friday - from elsewhere in the same city. [stabs NZ Couriers] This meant that a print run meant for the weekend never happened. Argh!

But hey, I have all my presents sorted and either here or posted, so that's one source of stress gone.

We went back to the Mexican place for lunch today (it's been there over a year and we just found out?) and afterwards I went to the specialist shoe place next door and bought some proper walking shoes. No excuse but weather now for not getting some quality and pleasant exercise, esp since my classes have stopped for a month. The shoes are silver, grey, and a startling orange which is growing on me.

Greg has just gone to get fish and chips for dinner and there's cricket on the telly, and it feels like summer. Not a bad Saturday at all.
Tags: real life
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