Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Shopping the geek way

I'm trying to find Greg something from the ThinkGeek site and I think I may do the classic 'buy him what you want to play with yourself' because first of all I really rather fancied a desk-top catapult (and I do love their product descriptions). But wait. ThinkGeek tells me (and they're right) that I might also like:
Retro Ballistics - even cooler!
Backyard Ballistics - ooh!
The Art of the Catapult - no dynamite needed; this could be safer.


Hey, they have phasers (did I mention how much I like their descriptions?) and I kind of fancy the airzooka but it's far too big for a stealth attack.

Hang on; found it! They have an Artoo Potatoo to go with our Darth Tater and Spud Trooper, and there's a Bender! Much more Greg's style - he isn't as much into retro weaponry as me - sorted!

That site is dangerous. I could spend a lot of money there, though the thought of freight being at least half that again is, luckily, somewhat off-putting.

Tags: cool stuff, toys
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