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Food, Casino Royale, and some speculation about M

Despite the cold and wet, yesterday was a very good day. We found a small Mexican shop on the street we used to live in, run by a Mexican family who make amazingly good lunches. I'm going back next Saturday for more; I want to try everything, and mole sauce dishes are the month's special. I also bought my sister some earrings there, and later found the rest of the gifts I had to buy at the Trade Aid shop: handmade paper for an artistic niece, two beautiful silk Chinese photo albums for my brother who takes lovely pictures, and various small things like ocarinas for others.

Then we saw Casino Royale. The friends we went with were a bit disappointed that it wasn't the usual smooth Bond with all the OTT campness, but I loved it. Daniel Craig has the same slightly cruel look Sean Connery had, but I do agree with jaxomsride that he seems a bit old for the first Bond adventure. There were excellent and almost believable chase scenes without the fantasy, good and credible characters, and I have to say how much I love M.

A tiny spoiler and some speculation about M. At one point, Bond lets on that he knows her real name and says that he'd always assumed the letter M was randomly assigned. She says, "Utter one more syllable and I'll have you killed." My first thought was that she might be a Mavis or a Muriel, but think about the use of the word 'syllable'. She's something like Emily or Emmeline - or Emma. I rather like Emma because it is just one more syllable and I think the timing's right for her to be Emma Peel, and the fellow we see in her bed to be the husband she goes off with at the end of her stint with Steed. :-)

Down, plot tribbles, down!
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