Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Deadly Relations

This was for the b7friday challenge where you had to use the title of the nearest book. It was Deadly Relations by J Gregory Keyes, an excellent Babylon 5 novel about Bester.

Deadly Relations

He was badly outnumbered, so he'd have to think up a winning strategy. He preferred the direct approach: attack, fire, peel away, go in again, but that didn't work when one was effectively trapped with the enemy, and this lot were about the worst you could come across in Federated space, and out of it.

He'd have to be sneaky, and that reminded him of his uncle, who'd often boasted of joining the other side, lulling them into acceptance, then stabbing them in the back. He and Deeta had always rather despised Uncle Dev, but perhaps he had a point. Tarrant grinned. And a very sharp one too, he hoped. He patted the mercenary's knife in his pocket, then strode out to greet the death squad.

"Ah, Section Leader. Good to see that we've secured the prize. I'll take over now, shall I?"

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