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I have a 3-week contract starting Friday at NIWA, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. They have a Cray T3E but I doubt I'll be let anywhere near it. I note they have some stuff on their site about the horrible summer we've had (extremely hot, then cold, wet, windy, and wild) which has only come right since Sunday.

I hope I get some more work after that to help pay for my ticket to the UK. I even did 5 hours work (in Excel) for someone yesterday. The big IRS refund for the last tax year should help though. I was up for a full-time job I really fancied (sole-charge, just my thing) this week but they hired someone before they even interviewed me.

Anyway, I must use today and tomorrow well, and catch up with e-mails and writing. Yeah, I keep saying that.

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