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It's December and it's said to be summer (it's still pretty cold out in that wind though) so it must be time for the B7 Advent Calendar. It's different this year; they're showing distorted pictures each day with the original a day later (is today's Egrorian?) There's also a Doctor Who Advent Calendar (thanks to mraltariel for the link) - sound warning.

After some nostalgia about the Shipping Forecast and the Goodnight Kiwi (the closedown sequence for TV2 which I adored and always watched till the end) on trixeleitz's LJ, here are some of my favourite commercials. Five of them are for Instant Kiwi, a scratchie, which was known for doing funny ads with expressive actors. I am extremely saddened that I can't find my favourite though: the truckie who drives a whole house over the widening gap in a lifting bridge: the editing and facial expressions are just superb.

Instant Kiwi: bungy fishing - the first one in the series, I think
Instant Kiwi: skeet shooting - I used to rewind and watch this one again
Instant Kiwi: romantic bike ride - not good quality video, but I hope you can see the expressions on the guy's face: so cute
Instant Kiwi: rubbish collection - silly and now illegal (they don't take garden waste) but once again it's the expressions
Instant Kiwi: exam room - the most recent one, and the only one which actually uses the product!
World Famous in NZ since ages ago - this one's still on TV: a blast from the fashion -disaster past of the 70s. L&P stands for Lemon and Paeroa, a soft drink, and their slogan is deliberately contradictory.

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