Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Brought to you by the letter R

trixieleitz gave me an "R". So here are ten things that begin with R. Ask in comments if you'd like a letter of your very own

Real life - that stuff that happens away from my PC, and some of it's not bad at all.

Rebel rabble - not just Blake's lot, but also the name I give my flist.

Red Dwarf - comedy in space, brilliant and inventive stuff except for one major failure called Kochanski

Remotes - indispensable to the couch potato and game-playing geek. I offer you a selection of ours.

Remuera - the next suburb, which has a deserved rep for being posh and weathy, but is also where I work. It has a good library only two blocks from work too which is a Very Good Thing.

Restal, Vila - the only human among my SF series favourites, though I'm not sure how he got in there and stole my heart.

Robots - because robots, androids, and AIs are usually much more interesting characters than the humans in the same series.

Rockets - because we wouldn't have spaceships without their ancestors.

Roj Blake - the man without whom my favouite fandom would not exist, even if he deserted half-way through.

Rommel - the strategist, honorable man, and wearer of cool goggles whom I was nicknamed for at high school because of my war-gaming and my admration for him. I even drew a picture of him for NaArMaMo, though he looks more like Bester (wrong corps and spelling thereof though).

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