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Paul Darrow bits and ancient interviews

A friend asked me to copy some Paul Darrow footage off three different video tapes onto one. There was Paul in Robin Hood (selected Sheriff of Nottingham scenes) and as someone appropriately called Mad Jack in something called Haggard, and a music video of Avon and Servalan done by Kathy Hintze. There were also two interviews, really old ones, made when they were still filming Blake's 7.

The first one was of Paul Darrow, looking very early Avon. The picture was a bit degraded (due possibly to reception, the age of the tape, or it being a copy of a copy) but the sound was good. The interviewer raved about the amazingly good special effects (!!!) and Darrow agreed, praising the BBC's SFX department. Either they really were good for those days, or he had to be tactful. In response to a remark about what a cold person Avon was, Paul related a story of going into a pub in Scotland where a man came up to him and said, "You're in that Blake's 7, aren't you? A right hard bastard." -- then bought him a drink to Paul's relief. They also played with a Liberator gun and a teleport bracelet, and showed bloopers from something Paul was in where he had to play golf, a game he'd never played before.

The other interview was made during season 1, on some children's program shown on a Saturday morning at a time when guests Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce both said they'd normally be sleeping. After the first part of the interview, children phoned in to ask them questions which they both seemed to enjoy. At the end, Jacqueline drew a child's name from a barrel for the last week's prize (the belt Bill Connelly wore to his interview and two of his albums) and set the question for the next week: who composed the Planet Suite. The B7 prizes were a kitset of a space shuttle (did they have them back then?) a teleport bracelet, and Travis's eye patch, "given willingly". Lucky winner.

I shall copy all of these to DVD-R for myself; much better than tape.

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