Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Yet more of the secret character meme

Questions from sallymn this time.

If, when the aliens landed, the first human they met was the 4th Doctor, would we be doomed?

Not at all. After all, the Doctor only looks human, but he'd be able to deal with them, no problems, and they'd go away (possibly with an addiction to jelly beans) thinking he was a fair sample and pick somewhere else that's much easier to invade / colonise / enslave / mine / buy for a few trinkets.

If Spock ruled the world, would we be doomed?

No, just incredibly bored due to his inability to understand the point of entertainment and fun, and extremely frustrated because of the laws against public display of emotion except for every seven years when everyone has leave to go totally bananas with hand-held medieval weaponry.

Dr Gregory House wants to rule the world. Is Spock doomed?

Probably. House would study Vulcan physiology and design a virus which would take him out while puzzling every medical mind in the galaxy. He would then keep Spock's brain in a jar in his office.

The secret to Life, the Universe and Everything is entrusted to Jack O'Neill. Can he be trusted with it, or are we all doomed?

Actually, it would be safe with him if the galaxy depended on it not being revealed. Otherwise he'd just let it out over lunch and then look surprised and say "oops".

Soolin and Seven of Nine have to work together to save the world. Just how doomed are we?

Depends what they're up against, but those are two very competent and formidable women. I'd put money on them.

A Dalek finds a secret computer virus which can divert money from any government bank account into its own... without any risk of being traced. Genuinely without any risk. Would the Dalek succumb to temptation?

Not temptation as such, but it might work out that subverting the Terran banking system and bringing all the governments down might cause a lot more damage than trying to exterminate the world's population one by one. It might be surprised to find itself hailed as a revolutionary hero though.

Dayna Mellanby finds out about the Dalek and the secret computer virus... would she turn it in, demand a share or what?

None of those. After all, it's what she thinks Avon ought to have done with Orac, so she gets Orac to find all of Sleer's and Servalan's accounts (most of which are under neither name) and passes them on to the Dalek. She also spends some very happy hours designing an anti-Dalek bomb which turns out to be both gaudy and effective.

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