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More secret character meme answers

mistraltoes asked some questions which managed to cover all the characters.

Del Tarrant, Spock, the Holographic Doctor, Denny Crane, and Rygel go to Soolin's for a weekend house party. What hostess gifts do they bring, what are the weekend activities, and what does Soolin do with the gifts after the others leave again?

After the Gauda Prime mess, Soolin set up a contracting business and bought a large house on Lindor from the proceeds of the Servalan AKA Sleer hit for which she was paid by a large number of people, none of whom knew about the others.

Tarrant brought a length of blue silk from the Han systems; a beautiful gift if it wasn't for the fact that he bought too much for the shirts he had made.
Spock, who had heard from Kirk that dead flowers were always appropriate, instead brought a small potted Saurian plant because he considered something alive and functional a more useful gift.
The Holographic Doctor brought a selection of operatic arias by well-known tenors and himself.
Denny Crane brought a signed photo of himself.
Rygel brought a plush version of himself in the hopes that if Soolin took it to bed, he might be able to substitute himself unnoticed (this plot did not work and he lost a few tufts from his ears for his trouble).

They went pheasant hunting on Soolin's grounds (Soolin was careful to stress the H to Denny and Rygel), had a dance on Saturday evening with various land-owning neighbours (Spock would not dance, Tarrant flirted with all the women, Denny behaved badly in the conservatory with most of them, and Rygel tried to eat the whole buffet), and picnicked by the sea on Sunday (Tarrant went swimming and got cramps, Rygel ate all the crackers and pâté while the others were rescuing Tarrant, Denny got engaged, and Spock investigated the local pond life with his tricorder).

After they left, Soolin had the silk made into a formal jumpsuit, took cuttings from the plant to train up a small private army disguised as a hedge, used the opera CDs as skeet-shooting targets, threw out Denny's photo but used the frame for one she had of Vila, and did indeed take the plush Rygel to bed, along with all her extensive collection of stuffed animals, some of them distressingly soft and pink.

Jackie Tyler, Teal'c, Seven of Nine, the 4th Doctor, Captain James T Kirk, and Dr Gregory House are to be exiled on deserted (but barely habitable) islands in pairs, but they get to choose the pairs. Who goes with whom, and how does each team fare?

  • Teal'c and Seven of Nine choose each other as being the most competent and also the most unlikely to annoy by an excessive need for company. They do very well indeed, constructing an efficient shelter, living off fish and coconut juice, and exchanging only three words a day.
  • The 4th Doctor and Jackie go together. "Oh, not again," wailed Jackie, who had been stuck on a desert island in my previous answers. "Don't worry," the Doctor said. "The TARDIS will come and get us just like last time. Here, have a jelly bean." He paused. "Have several in fact." After all, it shut her up for a brief time.
  • That left Kirk and House. "You look like that moron who came in with mad cow," said House. "You would look good in red," Kirk said obscurely, and looked forward to having no competition for the native women--of which there turned out to be none. They did not do well, though House did master spearing fish with his sharpened cane, and Kirk lost enough weight to discard his girdle and begin to look quite buff in his ripped shirt.
Dayna Mellanby, Jack O'Neill, and a Dalek are body-swapped: Dayna Mellanby gets Jack O'Neill's body, Jack O'Neill gets the Dalek's, the Dalek gets Dayna's. Who is the most upset, and why?

I think they'd all be a bit narked to say the least, but I'll pick the Dalek because he'd be duty-bound to exterminate himself.
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