Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Fortunate and unfortunate events

I haven't got round to answering my secret character meme yet, sorry. I will, but first an update which might explain why.

First the good

Tessa's limp is much better, so I think she'll recover as well as Claudia did when she had a similar thing. She's running around again and is extremely cuddly. I think she knows how worried we were about her.

I have my work puter back, or at least I have a new one with the old RAID in it, but one disc is unplugged because the motherboard can't recognise it. So I have all my data back, yay, but some applications are throwing tantrums and freezing. They made me a power user and I upgraded Firefox which fixed that, and may have to download the latest service pack for PowerPoint which froze constantly on Friday. I am so behind at work because of all the computer trouble (I basically lost three days) and I'm beginning to panic a bit because we have to put out a magazine in the next two weeks and I haven't even started on it.

And now the bad

I get hayfever which Beconase and other 'snorty drugs' as Greg calls them are pretty good at keeping away. However they're steroids and give me nose-bleeds and when I got one at a restaurant two weeks ago, I decided enough is enough and went cold turkey. I got worse and worse till this morning when I was sneezing almost constantly and could hardly open my itchy eyes, so I went out for lunch and bought a new non-steroid nasal spray and hope it works without any bad side-effects.

Today is my sister's birthday so I rang her, an act I usually put off because she talks for hours. She broke her arm really badly--both bones near the elbow--on Wednesday when she tripped on a doorstop thingy coming out of an exam she was supervising. She spent a night in hospital but discharged herself when she couldn't sleep due to the noise. Her arm's in temporary plaster while she waits for an operation next week to put the bones back where they're meant to be [whimpers] and she's on strong painkillers. That has to rank with astrogirl2's as a birthday from hell. At least ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) will pay for it.

She told me that my brother (who is only in his late 20s) is now so deaf, he's become a virtual hermit. He had ear problems as a kid and also got a lot of hearing loss from when he was making furniture and painting cars, but it's now so bad he avoids social contact. I've e-mailed him since he doesn't answer the phone any more to point out that modern tech should help, and that the ACC should also cover it if it's proved to be work-related, but I have no idea what's going on since it's getting steadily worse. I hope he sees a specialist soon.

And I was complaining about my hayfever.

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