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Bad, bad, and more bad

I already have to book Claudia in for blood tests before her imminent operation (teeth scaling) but Tessa's the one who's going to the vet tomorrow. When I came home, she was curled up in her bed which is not at all unusual, but by the time she got out and showed us her limp (a poorly paw on the left side) the vet was closed. So I'll have to take her in tomorrow before work and leave her there for the day, poor little girl.

And as for work, my PC is still away being experimented on. The power supply went belly-up and killed the motherboard and now the new one can't read the RAID. I'm really worried they won't be able to recover the data from it. [whimpers and bites nails] I thought a RAID was reliable. I only backed up the files I used and changed in case I messed up and needed an old version, which means the static and historical stuff may be gone. Not to mention all my e-mail contacts.

And it's cold. Yes, we got the Aussie weather.


Well, I have to think of something, and I suppose this is it. Greg's gym is having Christmas function next week at a bowling club: lawn bowls, games, and a barbecue, which will be fun and very unusual; much better than those affairs where everyone stands around with a drink in one hand and a canapé in the other while trying to make conversation with strangers. I just hope it's not raining.

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