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The Cult Of Blake's 7

For those in the UK wondering when The Cult of Blake's 7 will be screened, there's news on Waveguide with details here. Thanks to steverogerson for the news. :-)

The Cult Of Blake's 7

One of British TV's biggest cult hits comes under the spotlight as BBC Four goes in search of the origins of, and stories behind, Blake's 7.

Daleks creator Terry Nation sold his idea for Blake's 7 as "Robin Hood in space". His collection of intergalactic outlaws, running from the corrupt Terran Foundation, drew audiences of 10 million in its heyday (1978-81) and still has a devoted following. The Cult Of... goes behind the scenes to hear from cast and crew about the sci-fi favourite.

The programme reveals that Servalan underwent a sex change and how Blue Peter got the Blake's 7 model department out of a fix. It finds out how often Gareth Thomas has watched his performance as the eponymous hero and why he left the series at the end of season two, and reveals that there were clearly not enough alien planet locations to satisfy the BBC's various science-fiction series.

Narrated by Red Dwarf star Robert Llewellyn, interviewees include Gareth Thomas, Paul Darrow, Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating, Jacqueline Pearce, Peter Tuddenham, writer and script editor Chris Boucher, visual effects designer Mat Irvine and director Pennant Roberts.
The Cult Of Blake's 7 is transmitted on Tuesday, December 12 on BBC Four. It was originally scheduled for broadcast this month.
I suppose it's too much to hope that someone will put it up as a torrent or burn it to DVD. [looks hopeful and appealing]
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