Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Guess the character

A fun meme from astrogirl2 and others.

I've made a list of 5 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which. I've done two versions, one easier (all Blake's 7 characters) and the other harder (anything goes).

Five Blake's 7 characters
1. Kerril
2. Zen
3. Anna Grant
4. Jarriere
5. Travis

Five characters from different fandoms
a. Hurley
b. Seven of Nine
c. Vir Cotto
d. Furlow
e. Garak

{Edit:] All guessed now; thanks to those who played. :-)

Tags: meme - fannish
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