Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Good and bad in my office space

The bad first. The hardware guy installed a new wireless keyboard and mouse on my office puter yesterday and things got progressively worse all day. First the mouse said its batteries were dangerously low, then it said it couldn't get a decent signal, so I moved the base station thingy closer. That seemed to work for a few hours, then the puter decided to reboot spontaneously. After that, the bloody mouse wouldn't work properly at all and the PC rebooted again, complaining about newly-installed hardware. I rang the guy and he said to unplug the new stuff and put my old keyboard and mouse back on. I did, and then the thing wouldn't boot at all. It baulked when Windows tried to load, then booted again. Sigh. Oh what fun today will be if he hasn't fixed it last night. There's little I can do without a PC and I also fear losing my work recent work. [worries]

And now the good. I've found it frustrating that I do 2-4 extra unpaid hours a week, and so I convinced them last week to let me do exercise classes next door during office hours. I start today--10 to 11am, yay!

Tags: work
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