Nico (vilakins) wrote,


I had to take Claudia to the vet yesterday because she was gacking and pawing at her mouth. I thought, like glitterboy1 with his Thomas, that she had something stuck in her throat but it turns out she has gingivitis, plus she appears to have scratched her gum with her own claws. Poor little thing. She was trying to tell me something on Friday but I don't speak Burmese. I know that when she's upset, there's always a reason, but all the water bowls were full and none of the cats had broken anything or vomited.

So she's now on antibiotics and pain killers (both liquid, which is much easier) and has to have an operation in 2-3 weeks to have her teeth scaled. I knew this was coming up and she was meant to have it done in the middle of the year, but I put it off. I lost a cat under anaesthetic during a minor mouth op, as did a friend, and Claudia has a fast heart rate (tachycardia?). So I'll get her blood tested thoroughly first and hope for the best.

Tags: cats, claudia
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