Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Desktop meme

Since some people have revealed their desktop pictures, mine is a lovely pic of Vila on a beach (fully dressed) called 'dear in the headlights' (no spelling mistake) by the artist, Minnie. I had a stunning Liberator pic before that. I have two columns of icons on the left; I hate to obscure the picture I'm using.

Bum. I did have links to the pictures, but they didn't work. I think Minnie doesn't allow access unless it's via her B7 art page (that link does work). Anyway, the Vila and Liberator pics I have are the ones she uses as links on that page, for what it's worth, but the full versions.

I also used pictures from Minnie's site in my DIY calendar, printing them off on good paper. I have the Liberator mentioned above on the front, and one of each of the crew, Servalan, Travis, and Scorpio inside. The calendar itself is silver print on thick black paper with a blank page for a picture for each month, and it looks wonderful with the pictures in it.

Tags: meme - me
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