Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Delta Blues won!

I put some money on Delta Blues [points at icon made a while ago] for the Melbourne Cup--and it won!

I put $3 each way on Delta Blues (win!), $1 on Delta Blues and Pop Rock for a quinella (win!), and $3 on a trifecta for Delta Blues, Geordieland, and Maybe Better (2 out of 3). So I think I get about $140 for my $10. If I'd got the trifecta, I'd have made $3,300. :-P

But hey, dinner out and a bottle of wine on Vila! :-D

I know sallymn and jomacmouse put their money on the Delta too: how did you guys do?

[picks icons more in keeping with mood]:

Tags: deltaness
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