Nico (vilakins) wrote,

PicoWriMo story issues

LJ, you're back ! I missed you! Or, more accurately, my friends on you.

I was a bit stalled on my PicoWriMo story because I had some problems with the concept, which has Vila in Narnia.

Firstly, it seemed that the overlap with Narnia lasted only from 1900 to 1949. But then I decided that was only with Earth; Jadis came from an ancient world with a dying sun which might have been in the far future, so why not have a connection with Xenon in quite a different time?

Secondly, at the end of Prince Caspian, Peter and Susan were told that they were too old to go back to Narnia. Wouldn't Vila also be? Then I remembered that King Frank (the London cabby) and Queen Helen got there as adults, so perhaps it's a state of mind--a lack of imagination and readiness to believe--rather than age that keeps people out. But that left Avon out and I thought his reactions would be fun. Ah ha, but if Jadis could get to Narnia by holding onto Polly's hair (if I remember correctly), then Vila could grab Avon and pull him in to prove he wasn't making it up.

Thirdly, I wanted this to be light and fun to write (and, I hope read), and season 4 isn't either. Then it hit me: having Vila write the story in the first person would make it so much easier. I could show his reactions to things like an entrenched aristocracy, and he'd be funny even when the story was more serious. I don't usually go for first person unless there's a reason the narrator would write it all down, but I can see Vila doing so as a sort of proof that it happened.

Now I've sorted that out, I can rewrite what I've already written, then let Vila take over. I'm feeling much more positive about the project now.

Tags: narnia, writing
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