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Complimented characters

Here are my answers to the 'compliment a character' meme, posted here because I've taken so long to respond due to sleeping and working. The meme changed from five to three characters when I wasn't looking (thanks, Sally!) so I got socked with more of 'em than other people.

For mistraltoes (note I've only seen S1 of Buffy so far)
Giles, you are erudite, cultured, and have a voice like melted chocolate. If I needed to be tempted into a library, you'd do it.
Krantor, I love the way you stood up to Servalan, and that you keep up with the latest tech. No thanks, I won't have a pataki cake.
Hurley, dude, you're sweet, kind, funny, huggable, and worth a lot more than you think. And I'm not talking about money.
Sawyer, those dimples always make me smile, and I admire the way you keep your spirits up no matter what.
Locke, I am in awe of your hunting ability, and listen, who cares what your father thought of you? You're a cool guy, and, you know, everyone's life has meaning.

For astrogirl2
Orac, I defer to your much vaster knowledge base. You make a very good reference library.
Jackie Tyler, you're funny, brave, loving, generous, indominatible, and a damned good mother.
Ben (aka The Other Formerly Known as Henry Gale), you did a very generous thing, saving Locke when he was trapped under the door.
Rygel, you're funny and clever and sort of cute, and I love that helium is an odorless gas--excellent design feature there.

For lizamanynames
Travis, the leather looks very good on you and there's not a hint of camp, unlike with some people I could name.
Bayban, you have a lovely head of curls.
Grayza, very brave of you to go ahead anyway, knowing that designers of evening attire don't cater for pregnant women.
Aeryn, you're smart, beautiful, an impressive warrior and Prowler pilot, and you won't go all soft because you're a mother.
Micky Smith, you're brave (fearless people are just stupid, mate), loyal, sweet, and a very good catch.

For entropy_house
Justin, you're a very accomplished genetic engineer.
Jarvik, you're very strong and take up less storage than a forklift.
Klute, you're an excellent chess player.
Moloch, you're extremely evolved.
Largo, putting a tracking agent in the shadow was very clever.

For sallymn
I've already done Aeryn Sun for lizamanynames.
Tarrant, I so admire your clever and fast thinking when you managed to convince the Caliph that Orac was a bald dwarf.
Kerril, you have damned good taste in men.
Stockinger, du bist ein sehr guter Freund, auch wenn man einen Hund hat, den du wirklich nicht so gern hast. Ich weiss, dass Rex dich ziemlich nervös macht; du kommst es aber sehr gut bei.

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