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I'm probably one of the last here to see Torchwood due to timezones, but I enjoyed it, especially the first episode.

The good

  • Jack! He's fun and snarky and still rather amoral.
  • The references back to Doctor Who (esp the location of the base being under where the TARDIS was, Jack being resurrected, and The Hand)
  • Gwen is a great character so far, although I do have some reservations (see below). I like her boyfriend, her toughness, and her willingness to take the responsibility for her mistake even though it was an accident. (And I do wish she'd speared the loathsome Owen instead).
  • The humour
  • The stained Victorian tiling, giving a sense of history
  • One of the Torchwoods being lost--future plot point?
  • I want to meet the one strange guy who is Torchwood Glasgow
  • Gwen's boyfriend; I like seeing a healthy relationship depicted on screen and he wasn't Dead Boyfriend of the Week
  • Toshiko Sato being a returning character from Aliens of London
  • Most of it really; I look forward to more :-)
The bad
  • The sex in the first one felt tacked on. Ooh, look, we're being adult. I have to say I didn't notice the swearing.
  • The sex in the second one was a plot point, yes, but it also felt like "Let's do it because we can."
  • I'm a bit worried that Gwen might be an updated Rose: similar looks (but dark); sense of adventure; a boyfriend in the wings; and when she kissed Jack, he seemed worryingly affected. Please don't make her Special. I want her to "stay normal for me" too.
The ugly
  • Owen Harper
  • Owen and his date rape drug
  • Owen blowing up the rat
  • Owen being Ben Steedish to Gwen
  • Carys having to live with the memories of what she did, even though it was involuntary. Jack's amnesia drug should have been used here. Is that poor girl going to retain her sanity?
  • Suzie shooting Jack instead of Owen
  • Suzie dying instead of Owen
Do you sense a theme here? ;-)

OK, I'm off to bed to dream of ways of killing Owen; just so you know why I don't respond for several hours. :-)
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