Nico (vilakins) wrote,


Our DVD acquisitions this weekend were:

  • Lost season 2 with excelent extras are very good; lots of interesting discussion and 'how we did this' stuff which I like.
  • Season 4 of Inspector Rex; not that we've finished watching S2 yet, we have so many DVDs stacked up waiting. [flails a bit]
  • Star Trek Time Travel: Fan Collective. This is a collection of time travel stories voted for by fans. I'm delighted because it has some of my favourites: City on the Edge of Forever, Time's Arrow, Little Green Men, and Trials and Tribbulations. I want to watch the DS9 ones first.
And those B7 people who know Peladon from the Lysator mailing list, I just discovered today via executrix that she's now on LJ as peladonww and has already posted thoughts on season 4. :-)
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