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Character-love meme answers

OK, here we go: answers to the character-love meme.

What Michael Garibaldi loves most about Londo Mollari, for linda_joyce

It makes Garibaldi happy that Londo is always ready to share a drink with him and never judges him on his weakness. After all, Londo has his own faults and is engagingly aware of them. He's also such a witty and entertaining conversationalist, the drink often doesn't seem that important, and besides, who else on the base cheats at poker with a sexual organ? Garibaldi also likes that Londo calls him 'Mr Garibaldi', pronouncing it -- admittedly accidentally -- the proper Italian way, and not the way everyone else says it -- 'Gary Baldy' -- which is becoming increasingly annoying as he loses more hair. And Londo loves his lasagne.

What Servalan loves most about Roj Blake, for sallymn

There are, when Servalan thinks about it, a lot of things she likes about Roj Blake. He and his motley crew provide a useful outside threat which she can cite to increase both the defence budget and her salary. He is also absurdly ethical which means that she stands an infinitely higher chance of survival should she be at his mercy (given that his chances with her would be zero). And now, as she orders the fleet to Star One, she is so grateful to him for holding the invaders back and giving the alarm, she could almost consider clemency. Only almost. After all, the man must have been at Star One to destroy it himself. The very thought gives her such a warm feeling of moral superiority, a very rare pleasure indeed, that she smiles and lifts a glass to him. It's almost worth keeping him around.

What Rygel loves most about Stark, for trixieleitz

Rygel has known many slaves before, but he has never met one with so much individuality, verve, courage, and, he has to admit, sheer entertainment value. No one he knew in his previous life as Dominar would ever have stuck a hand down Rygel's throat no matter what he'd swallowed, and you have to admire that sort of tenacity and craziness in a person. This, combined with a complete refusal to be what his lack of status and rank should make him, gives Rygel hope, because secretly he thought his self-worth had been taken with his crown. Also, Rygel has always been afraid of dying, of the nothingness he suspected was beyond, but Stark talks of souls that have passed on to other destinations and that is so very reassuring. Not that he has any intention of letting the bastard know. Rygel still has the scars where the lunatic sewed his clothes into his belly.

What the Doctor loves most about Jackie Tyler, for kerravonsen

Although he found her a little annoying at first, the Doctor has come to love Jackie Tyler for many things: her toughness, her honesty, her indomitability, her generosity, her plain and comforting cooking, and her belief in the healing power of a cup of tea. Jackie stands for all the reasons he loves humans: she isn't knowledgeable or thoughtful or talented, but she would stand firm against fascism, she would cope with the blitz with a wry grin, a bawdy joke, and yes, a cup of good strong tea; she is the salt of the Earth. She is in fact the personification of all the reasons the Doctor is always drawn back to it.

What Hurley loves most about Locke, for mistraltoes

Dude, the guy goes out into the jungle and hunts down meat while it's still wild boar and you need a bit of protein to go with the Dharma ranch dressing. Locke's also a bit broken and Hurley's not talking about his legs, man. If that guy can pull himself together after whatever it was they did to him, well there's hope, that's all. 'Sides, he made that whistle right back when Hurley thought he was majorly creepy and called Walt's dog and that's gotta show he's good people. Actually, you can see that when his eyes crinkle up when he smiles. Hurley doesn't say much to Locke but he thinks he's pretty cool.

What the rest of the Liberator/Scorpio crew think of Vila, for lizamanynames

Blake can see behind Vila's protestations of cowardice and incompetence to what he actually does, and with a quiet word of reproof or praise, he hopes that he can make something of him. It's all in how you handle people.
Jenna thought he was the best bet for an alliance in the holding cells because he was the only one who didn't look predatory, but once Blake came along, she found something better, something to believe in. She's a bit embarrassed about that and hardly speaks to Vila now. He's not that bad when he's not being so bloody flippant though.
Avon finds Vila amusing, surprisingly clever, and someone who can fight back with a a smart riposte. He's obviously more than he pretends to be; how many Deltas does one meet who can play chess and deploy an impressive vocabulary? However, he's damned if Tarrant or anyone else needs to know that; the less people know about you the safer you are. For that matter, the less you care about people, the less it will hurt when they betray or leave you. He'll have to work on that.
Gan likes Vila. He's easy-going, funny, will talk for hours when Gan doesn't want to, and he never makes Gan feel slow, even though he knows he is in comparison to Vila. If only he'd stop going on and on about being scared though. It's annoying and gets on people's nerves. Gan's sure that he could toughen up with a bit of practice.
Cally does not find Vila any less puzzling than any other human, though unlike the others, he isn't completely opaque to her senses. She can feel emotions from him, and sometimes wonders if he can sense others' a little which is why he is so sensitive. She is sorry when Tarrant and Dayna join the crew that they pick on him so much, but she will not intervene because it is time that he learns to defend himself.
Tarrant is appalled that Vila is the most unmilitary person he has ever met, and in this crew that's saying something. He expects lower ranks or civilians--and Vila counts as both--to obey unquestioningly, but the fellow is lazy, insubordinate, and a chronic complainer. It takes Tarrant a while, and a couple of one-man rescues, to realise that Vila isn't as bad as he first appears.
To Dayna, the world is made of predators and prey, and this rabbit is prey. She enjoys needling him at first, but gradually she finds that she will also protect him against outsiders; he's her rabbit, dammit. He grows on you. And he's not as useless as she thought at first. He's not a bad shot either, as she found at Kairos; pity about the soft heart.
Soolin at first assumes that Vila is the idiot the others obviously seem to think he is. She revises her opinion when he pulls that clever drunk act to get out of repairing the Scorpio, and she admires his expertise with a lock. Most of all though, she is encouraged by the fact that someone so defenceless and soft has survived so long without losing who he is. It gives her hope that the galaxy might not be quite as bad as she has assumed.

OK, that took a while. I'm off to bed.

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