Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Gregs (and others) bearing gifts

Greg came home yesterday (yay!) and brought me:

Lego - no, not the sort you make up, but little 3cm-tall Star Wars characters just like those in the Star Wars Lego II Xbox game we have. There are 15 of 'em, but sadly no Han, Leia, or C3PO. They are not recommended for children below four but it's been ages since I swallowed a toy.

Jigsaw puzzles - two huge ones, two sepia which will be very challenging, and two spherical ones. Yes, spherical, not circular. The pieces are slightly curved plastic and I couldn't resist: I solved one straight away (Buzz Lightyear and lots of three-eyed aliens). You get a surprisingly strong sphere though the last couple of pieces are hard to put in without depressing an adjacent piece..
At work today, someone gave me some Lindt intense orange dark chocolate to thank me for something I did for them, and I got flowers a couple of months ago from someone else. This is such a great job; I rarely got thanked in any of my previous ones. It was usually nothing but users annoyed by bugs or improvements they saw as unnecessary change, and rude, abusive micro-managers. So I'm earning half as much; I'm a lot happier, I'm not on call 24-7, and I'm even doing some graphical design and publishing.
Tags: toys, work
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