Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Bad weather, Lego, and Not Growing Up

So much for what I thought was early summer. We've had thunder storms (there's one rumbling away right now), heavy downpours, flooding, tornadoes (luckily not near me) and landslides which worry me because I live at the top of a hill. I think I'll go to bed with earplugs and cats for mutual comfort.

Greg called me from Singapore last night and said he's been shopping in the multi-floor IT shop (geek heaven) and in the Lego one. He saw an Imperial Star Destroyer in Lego for NZ$730 (!!!) so I looked it up on their site. They have several Star Wars collectibles for obscene prices, but what amused me was the Deathstar--its energy beams are made of Lego. Anyway, Greg said he's bought me some, not Star Wars though which is a relief; nothing's worth that sort of money.

Why no, I never grew up; why do you ask? Well, I'm only 40% adult according to the test communicator posted here. What tickled both of us is that Vila scores exactly zero; I've always thought of him as a big kid trying to cope with an adult world.

Tags: cool stuff, toys, weather
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