Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Yeah, that seems about right

Bugger. My hosting service appears to have changed my password again and I can't update my site. Why can't they leave well alone? [stab] I'm beginning to think they do this if I don't update regularly; maybe it's a misguided security precaution. Not that it matters much; the story has extremely limited appeal containing as it does only traces of Avon. [sigh]

This has been a crappy day: wet, thundery, and I forgot to buy stuff I needed from the supermarket and it was too horrible to go out again. It was enlivened only (and very well too!) by playing on the B7 RPG and chatting on Yahoo with the players. I need comfort and I have no chocolate. I shall have to resort to toasted cheese sandwiches and Rome.

In the meantime, have a link to the Minnie's latest B7 photomanips - five B7 AUs - if you haven't already seen them! The 'City' one is particularly lovely; Vila's expression is just perfect.

Tags: blake's 7, weather
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