Nico (vilakins) wrote,

Ficlet: Section Leader Klegg

Another one I wrote for the Pink Floyd song titles challenge; 400 words.

Section Leader Klegg

"Corporal Clegg has a metal leg," the children used to call out in the street, and it was true. Corporal Clegg had lost a leg (which makes it sound rather more careless than it was) in action (which makes it sound more like a bit of sport than it was) during the pacification of a planet (which is not at all what that sounds like).

In return for his leg, Corporal Clegg got a very colourful medal in a splendid ceremony on Federation Day. He always wore it, in pride, he said, but his son thought it was just as a mute explanation of his rolling and extravagant limp, and his wife shrugged and consoled herself for the miserable pension and resale value of the medal with several large glasses of gin in the afternoons.

Corporal Clegg's son was not proud of his father, whom he considered a spineless wimp to have so meekly accepted a large piece of metal on his hip and a small one on his chest and very little else for serving his government. Corporal Clegg's son decided he would do a lot better. He would be a hard man who would never be treated like that, and as a step in the right direction, he spelled his name with a K because it looked so much harder that way.

Klegg joined Space Fleet too, but as a mission specialist rather than dirtside infantry. He was a member of the elite Death Squad, and his only regret as a student of military history was that they wouldn't let him put a skull or a pair of lightning bolts on his uniform. None of that poncy piloting or honourable battle like that old fool Samor rabbitted on about. They dealt in death--wholesale--and very efficiently. The top brass wouldn't dare pension off a Death Squad member with a little tin medal.

It was disappointingly easy taking the abandoned Liberator, even with that interfering baby-faced officer on board. He'd be easy enough to shoot and dump though so that there'd be no one to share the prize money with. In fact, so would the rest of the squad. Nice that they were doing his work for him.

Section Leader Klegg's last thought as he fell however was outrage and shame that a hard man like him had been taken by a pilot, a girl, and a geek.

The lyrics of 'Corporal Clegg'
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