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I'm feeling rather jaded and sort of peripheral to things. Maybe it's just that I'm tired; certainly of coughing. [yawns]

Greg went to Singapore this morning for a week on business and this doesn't help. I miss him so much when he's away. Even though we're both introverts and often in separate rooms doing our own geeky or fannish things, we also do a lot together like talking about said geeky and fannish things, going on outings, doing cryptic crosswords in cafes, and bemusing visitors by laughing at exactly the same thing on the box.

The cats always make packing fun though. Sorry, the images aren't that sharp because I took them in low light.

Claudia on Greg's laptop bag: absolutely no sense of volume. She looks as if she knows she's being left behind.

Tessa in Greg's suitcase. Both the girls do this; we had to lift Tessa or Claudia out every time we added another item to the case. :-)

But yay, my Rome season 1 DVDs came today along with Futurama season 3 (thus completing our Futurama collection, the rest of which we picked up second-hand). If I wasn't trying to do two ficathons, I'd power up the DVD player right now.

I've almost finished my Freedom City story which has finally got to the big climactic scene. I'll have to print the thing out at work this week and check it through, then get it beta-read. And then I'll have to immediately start on my finish-a-thon story which will probably be a lot longer and doesn't yet have an end. This one worries me. I feel tired thinking about it. At least I've cut back on theatrical_muse (only Vila still does it) and have finally decided not to knock myself out doing b7friday and glarmaco every week. :-P

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