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Ficathons and the dominance of Avon

Why did I take on two overlapping ficathons, I ask myself. OK, I know the answer: I've always written something for the Freedom City mailing list party, and the finish-a-thon is such a brilliant idea, I couldn't resist it. And I'm knocking off two unwritten stories this way too. The thing is though, I can't start the second one till I've written the first. I might 'see' scenes in any old order, but I write linearly.

Last year in the finish-a-thon, the story people voted for me to write was a little angst-fest (The Hand of Friendship) in which Vila had crippled hands and Avon had to provide the therapy needed. This year people have voted for a similar story, in which Vila withdraws from reality and Avon takes him to Kaarn. I was puzzled. I thought other stories I offered were a lot more fun. Do people like Vila to suffer, I wondered.

Then yesterday I got Paul Darrow's You're Him Aren't You? on the recommendation of alinewrites who told me it was full of interesting anecdotes about others. It is, though I have to say that I reel before the towering and massive structure that is Darrow's ego. Anyway, one point he says that the four years of his life playing Avon have coloured and dominated it despite 40 years of other roles. Then it hit me.

Both winning finish-a-thon stories have Avon in them.

This does not bode well for the FC one, which is an AU mostly about Dayna and the alien scientist Og.

Now although I enjoy Avon's wit in seasons 1 and 2, I never fell for him the way most fans did; in fact I downright dislike him in season 4. So, all you Avon fans out there, just what is it that fascinates you so about Avon, especially given his season 4 behaviour?

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