Nico (vilakins) wrote,


Bwahahaha! The lovely snowgrouse has sent me:

  • A big black carry bag with the word 'VILA' in big white letters on each side
  • A small green plastic carry bag with 'VILA CLOTHES' on the outside and hot stuff inside (some very strong Fazer sweets if you must know)
  • A VILA catalogue with Lucy Liu as the model
Vila would like that. Oh, and a lovely Prisoner postcard which Greg will love; it's his biggest fandom.

Some choice quotes from the catalogue with my comments in brackets:
  • The Vila hot pants are so cute [of course they are!] I would wear them with a pair of stilettos or flat boots. [You and Avon both, Lucy.]
  • Vila is accessible. [He's just naturally affectionate.]
  • When modelling for Vila, I really want to show I feel well and relaxed in the clothes. [I'm sure he appreciates it and would like to know how you feel out of them.]
  • I am happy to work with Vila. [I know the feeling, Lucy. I am too.]
Thanks, Grousie.
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